Skittles (Type) Handmade Soap 4.5 oz


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Scented with:  premium skin safe fragrance. Though the base oils of this bar or natural the fragrance is not, but it is skin safe.

Description: Don’t taste this rainbow, it’s soap and it won’t taste good but it smells fabulous!  Great knock off of one of the most iconic candles of childhood.  Of course, the Drama Queen is on the label because she’s all about going and buying lots of candy. What else is she going to do with the grocery money but buy Skittles candy for the kids? We are not affiliated with the makers of Skittles but wish to thank them for all the wonderful taste and calories. I remember eating Skittles while watching Saturday Night Live in High School. Of course we can’t forget Madea and her comment about tasting the rainbow.  I had to make the soap when I saw this scent in my supplier’s line up.  I’m goofy like that.  If you are too, try a bar!  And go buy the candy.   🙂

Other ingredients are: saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainable earth friendly palm, castor, avocado and African shea butter.  4.5 oz


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