Monkey Farts 16 oz Mason Jar Soy Candle


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Was it the bananas or some other fruit? I thought it was me. I heard someone toot. But alas, it wasn’t me, you see, I was too busy swinging from a tree! The kids at the farmers market love this candle! Fruity patoot! It smells like different tropical fruits all in one. No poo scent. I promise!

This 16 oz mason jar is filled to the glass etched fill line. We’ve been handcrafting candles for 25 years!

Note: the wick is not meant to be trimmed. I make my candles with the emphasis on safety, knowing that my customers will let them burn all day. For this reason, the wick needs to be left alone. When lighting for the first time, remember that candles have a memory. Let that candle burn til the wax goes all the way to the edge of the jar, and it will. These are tried, tested and true! 🙂 They are made safely and they burn well and your home will smell…


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