Encounter with Serenity by Lillian Newman


Original piano compositions by Lillian Newman

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It was a gray time in my life.   Well to start off with, my favorite cat died. We had Boots for 10 years.   Then my husband’s father died.  Then my mom died, and then the cat we got 2 days after her passing, also died of Feline Leukemia.   Then the pandemic, wearing masks wherever we went, getting vaccinated and boostered, and life as we knew it, ended.  We are in a new normal. It was hard to adjust.

I need to let you know that I have not had formal piano lessons but for 3 months in high school.  I play the guitar and have for many years.  When my inheritance came, in, I allocated most to my family but purchased a Casio Previa for myself as well as a Macbook Pro that has a garage band on it. I sat, and my fingers found the keys to the notes that lead me up and above the sadness of this time, this pandemic, losing those my husband and I loved, and reaching for peace in the calm of a storm.

Encounter with Serenity is like that. It is sacred, calm, healing and uplifting. I hope it helps you if you are dealing with sadness from pandemic and other things or if you just want to listen to music that is calming and hopeful.

Self published with CDBaby.   To listen to segments of the tracks please click here: https://lilliannewman.hearnow.com/encounter-with-serenity

Available for shipping on our website Monday, January 10.

The price given is suggested by CDBaby, so we went with it. We will be using a portion of any sales and donating it to animal rescue in Indiana.

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