Dreamsicle (Type) Handmade Soap 4.5 oz


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Scented with:  premium skin safe fragrance. Though the base oils of this bar or natural the fragrance is not, but it is skin safe.

Description: I remember being 5 and sitting on the curb on a hot summer day, the feel of a cool silver dime in my hand, awaiting the chiming sound of the ice cream truck. Dreamsicle Ice Cream was my absolute favorite. This scent reminds me of that special ice cream and that special time in my life.  We are not affiliated with the owners of the Dreamsicle ice cream but we celebrate them because of the wonderful ice cream from childhood!

Other ingredients are: saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainable earth friendly palm, castor, avocado and African shea butter.  4.5 oz


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