Welcome to Fragrant Blossom Soaps!

Welcome to Fragrant Blossom Soaps and Candles.   A quarter of a century worth of experience makes for phenomenal soap that has a high incidence of customer repeat purchasing.

We’ve been making soap for central Indiana for 25 years and selling for 19. Our soap was selected for a Presidential Gift Basket for the President of the United States in 2010. Our soap contains a lot more than olive, coconut and palm. Try a bar and note the lather and how soft your skin feels after using the soap! We are in 7 locations in central Indiana. Our price per bar is $3.65 and our candle price is $10 ea. During the busy season our online cart may be turned off. If it is, please use the contact form to reach us.

We do not use any ingredients in our soap that are tested on dogs, cats, monkeys, apes, ferrets, bunnies. We’re just not into that. Our suppliers aren’t either. We’ve donated to animal rights organizations and volunteer in TNR (trap, neuter, return) in 2019. A portion of our proceeds will go to those efforts. We’ve already neutered two community cats with earnings from our soap company. We also feed the community cats on our porch twice a day, using money we earned from the soap business.

I hope you’ll consider purchasing from us! We do special requests and love doing business with our customers!

We will not buy ingredients that we are told are tested on dogs, cats, bunnies, monkeys, apes, ferrets, etc. We do not believe in testing on animals.

Our locations:

Logan Village Mall Noblesville IN
Noblesville Ace Hardware Noblesville IN
Memory Lane Antiques Tipton IN
Old Thyme Mercantile Kokomo IN
Seven Sisters Florist Cicero IN
Treasure Mart South Kokomo IN
Sunspot Natural Market Kokomo IN
Carefree Spas & Hot Tubs Indianapolis IN

Lavender Orange Handmade Soap

About me: I’m Lillian and I make soap with more than just olive, coconut and palm. avocado, castor oils and shea butter. The palm oil we use is rainforest friendly sustainable. High quality on everything for a soap that has earned that customer praise as great handmade soap.

A portion of my proceeds goes to feed the feral cats in my community. In addition, I am fiercely passionate about not using products that are tested on dogs or cats. I continue to be vigilant when it comes to this. The fragrances we use are sourced from a pet friendly company. The soy wax we use, the same. Nothing is ever tested on animals. Our fragrances are pthlalate free and DPG free. We will knowingly not use any chemical from the Dupont, Dow or Contreva Corporations. Along with many other Americans, we join together in the hope that companies cease testing products on innocent dogs and cats. This is completely unnecessary. We recommend that you download the cruelty cutter app to your phone and join us in the fight against animal testing on dogs and cats.

Thieves Handmade Soap

I got my start in soapmaking in 1995. Indiana’s distinct four seasons and hard water wreaked havoc on my skin. I went on a five year learning curve and honed my artisan expertise to make the best soap that I possible could for my customers. Now, we have locations in Noblesville, Kokomo, Indianapolis and Elkhart. However it’s not our desire to be a huge soap and candle company. We just want to be YOUR soap and candle company. You have a lot of great choices out there. We hope you’ll choose us!

Lemongrass Handmade Soap

Welcome to Fragrant Blossom Soaps! 🙂

Lillian Newman

Note: All of our soaps and candles are produced in what was once a nostalgic beauty shop on our property in Sharpsville, Indiana. We live in an 1899 Indiana Farmhouse!

Our Indiana Victorian home. The studio is attached to it with a separate entrance. Open to the public only by appointment as our town does not allow us to have a sign. Contact us to make an appointment to see the soap factory! Soap purchases are allowed directly from our studio in Sharpsville, Indiana by appointment.