Fragrant Blossom Soaps & Candles

27 Years of Experience. We are closing. I have retired. My entire studio is having a clearance sale in a facebook group. When items have all sold, we will close the group. Thank you for 22 years of wonderful sales, my customers. I will remember all the wonderful faces in all the wonderful places I have sold. Just a note to our retail customers. The Mix Marketplace is buying a lot of our soap and will have it in stock for you, but otherwise, we are retired to all locations. Our focus on this page now turns to our peers in industry, the soap and candlemakers, to sell them at discounted prices, raw material from our business.

Are you a candle or soapmaker? Hobbyist or business? You’re in the right place! The categories now shown are for the purposes of liquidating our entire inventory! You’ll save a lot over retail!! We are clearing everything out.

  Soapmakers and candlemakers, the big clearance sale can be found on this facebook group: HERE